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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
orK/src/config.cpp [code]
orK/src/config.h [code]
orK/src/engine.cpp [code]
orK/src/engine.h [code]Engine widget
orK/src/engine_editor.cpp [code]
orK/src/engine_editor.h [code]Engine editor widget
orK/src/engines_area.cpp [code]A widget to store the Engine widget
orK/src/engines_area.h [code]
orK/src/main.cpp [code]
orK/src/map.cpp [code]
orK/src/map.h [code]
orK/src/map_editor.cpp [code]
orK/src/map_editor.h [code]
orK/src/moc_model.cpp [code]
orK/src/moc_status_bar.cpp [code]
orK/src/ork.h [code]Define some usefull constant for OrK
orK/src/rail.cpp [code]
orK/src/rail.h [code]Rail widget
orK/src/srcp073_client.cpp [code]
orK/src/srcp073_client.h [code]
orK/src/srcp083_client.cpp [code]
orK/src/srcp083_client.h [code]Implement a SRCP Client using the protocol version 0.8.3
orK/src/srcp_socket.cpp [code]
orK/src/srcp_socket.h [code]Implement a special TCP socket for the srcp client and implement a thread for the info client
orK/src/srcp_virtual_client.cpp [code]
orK/src/srcp_virtual_client.h [code]
orK/src/virtual_client.cpp [code]
orK/src/virtual_client.h [code]Implement a pure virtual class for the network client
orK/src/win.cpp [code]
orK/src/win.h [code]All the GUI is described in this file

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